News from Banner Metals Group

Banner Metals Group is now certified to AS9100D!

Banner is one of the first metal stamping companies to have achieved this quality management system certification.

Achieving this level of certification means our customers are ensured that they are purchasing the highest quality parts made from the best materials and processes.

This certification supports our mission to:

  • Fulfill our customers’ needs with exceptional service, innovative thinking, and quality products.
  • Embrace a culture of lean manufacturing and continual improvement whereby every process is reviewed to reduce waste and increase results

While AS9100D is the standard for the manufacturing of parts, components and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industries – all industries will benefit from this advanced quality management system certification.

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Banner Launches New Vision, Mission and Value Statements

Message From: C. Bronson Jones, Banner President

About a year ago, I was asked, "So now that the Company is under new leadership, where do you want to go and what do you envision it to be?"

With that question, I began a quest to establish the vision of our Company, our mission, and our core values.

This process was given careful consideration and thought by our Leadership team.

These statements are not meant to be placed on a wall and forgotten. They are meant to express the standards of how our Company will operate and inspire every associate to fulfil the role of a Leader both at work and in their daily lives.

Vision, Mission and Values are components of a Leadership System that will eventually be created by everyone. That system will guide all aspects of our business. The Leadership System will be used during interviews of potential candidates who want to be part of our Leadership team, be the foundation of performance reviews, and considered when making all strategic decisions, to name a few.

Banner Metals Group will continually strive to become the Company of choice for manufacturing metal products.

Customers are our First Priority

Early one Wednesday morning in January, Banner received an emergency phone call: due to an inventory error, one of our customers was about to run out of parts resulting in the shutdown of an entire assembly line. Banner immediately held an emergency production meeting to try to determine a course of action.

Two hours later Production Manager Joe Smith boarded a plane, flew approximately 700 miles one way and hand delivered enough parts to keep the line running until a full shipment could be delivered the following day.