Quality Clinic

The Banner Quality Clinic is an on-site emergency clinic for metal part analysis and corrective action.
Modeled after a hospital emergency room, this quality clinic has an extensive process to verifiably resolve any issue with a nonconforming part.

This clinic performs several key functions:

  1. Conducts a root cause analysis
  2. Recommends corrective action
  3. Validates corrective action
  4. Retests to ensure corrective action is verified
  5. Provides complete documentation
  6. Discharges part

Banner Metals Group operates under Six Sigma and Lean principles and continuously updates quality practices to ensure industry compliance, with complete traceability.

"As a supplier to aerospace and automotive industries, we know that flight crews and passengers rely on the quality of our parts. Because of this, we address quality with unwavering diligence and are proud to introduce this emergency clinic approach to the manufacturing industry," said Bronson Jones, President/CEO, Banner Metals Group.

Quality Video


Quality Assurance Program

Banner Metals Group foundation is based on our associates who believe in supporting our customers with quality products. Our quality assurance program begins with the end in mind. Planning for quality is the first step and understanding the needs of the customer is critical. Everything of the product’s use, packaging and lifecycle is considered during this process.

Banner utilizes a real-time network at every manufacturing workstation and cell to collect, trace, identify, and analyze every step of the manufacturing process.

Our network of sub-tier partners are reviewed and selected based on their ability to supply processing that meets our stringent level of quality and minimizes risk to our commitments to our customers.

Traceability is very important to our customers. All product is tracked from raw material through finished goods. Every lot is recorded in our real-time network for quick recall if needed.


Quality Management System

Banner Metals Group is committed to the exceptional quality of our products and services to meet the challenging demands of our customers. One of our competitive differentiators is our AS9100D including ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our commitment to quality begins at the executive level and is promoted throughout our organization. Our engineering team drives our improvement initiatives by identifying better ways of manufacturing complex and high tolerance parts for critical applications. At Banner, our Quality Management System is more than just a standard, it’s a culture ingrained in our daily routine.

Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of our foundation. We have a Six Sigma Master Black belt on our Leadership Team who champions this effort. Numerous kaizen events occur at Banner each year and value streams are continually reviewed to optimize the flow of the company. These in turn help keep Banner competitive in the markets we serve by allowing us to provide our services to our customers in the most economical way.

As our customers become increasingly dependent on our capabilities to provide quality on-time products, we recognize the importance of working as partners with our customers. Together, we can achieve competitive excellence and a seamless experience for everyone.