Our Company

The Banner Die, Tool, and Stamping Company was founded in 1921 based upon the expectations of the then emerging Industrial Age customers for metal stampings to feed their static requirements for inventory. The business was simple as the buying process was predictable based on long term forecasts and inventory control processes.

We thrived for the rest of the 20th century based on the need for quality products and continuous improvement technologies. Then, something began to change. Just-In-Time inventory emerged and transformed the static inventory dependent relationships into dynamic associations. This change was not about the metal stampings, but rather about the dynamics of the buying process.

Banner Metals Group emerged in 2011. Through extensive customer interactions and a deep understanding of the economics of the business environment, major changes in the way we do business began to drive our thinking. Every customer interaction had to be changed.

Although the metal products are nearly all the same, how we orchestrate the buying experience for each individual customer is completely different. This is the difference that defines Banner Metals Group today.

Although by no means easy, the shift to the real time business model has been exciting for everyone at Banner. Every person now has a role in working with our customers and we are proud to be known for our commitment to quality, quantity and customized responsiveness.

Banner Metals Group welcomes the opportunity to evaluate your project and provide a recommendation regarding materials, design, engineering, and manufacturing. Please contact us to learn how we can help you get what you need in the most economical way.