Heat Treatment

Banner Metals Group provides a wide variety of heat treating processes for our customers. Over the years we have developed relationships with a number of heat treat companies in the Midwest. The processes are performed by one of our certified suppliers. Heat treat processes vary by industry and our suppliers must maintain strict compliance to all regulatory and environmental requirements, ISO 9001, AS 9100, NADCAP, and A2LA accreditation. Some of the heat treating processes we offer through our suppliers are:

Annealing, Bright

Annealing, Full

Annealing, Homogenize

Annealing, Isothermal

Annealing, Local

Annealing, Flame/Induction

Annealing, Normalize

Annealing, Recrystallize

Annealing, Spheriodize

Annealing, Solution (Quench)

Annealing, Stress Relief

Carbonitriding, Gas

Carburizing, Gas

Hardening (Q&T), Furnace

Hardening (Q&T), Intensive Quenching

Hardening (Q&T), Neutral Salts

Hardening (Q&T), Precipitation

Hardening (Q&T), Vacuum

High Speed Steel, Furnace

High Speed Steel, Salt

High Speed Steel, Vacuum

Tool Steel, Furnace

Tool Steel, Salt

Tool Steel, Vacuum




Carbon Restoration

Cryogenic Treating